Born Robert Bond Brennan, a poor child in Sparta, Wisconsin, in 1943 (the year of the lead penny), both of Brennan’s parents were raised in Southern California. During Brennan’s early childhhood, his father, George James Brennan, trained United States Army Chicago area recruits for service in World War II.

Brennan, like his parents, attended Van Nuys High School, in Los Angeles, California. Upon graduation, Brennan promptly flunked out of Los Angeles Valley College, spending more time drawing and playing chess at the student union when he was supposed to be in class.

After serving in the United States Coast Guard, Brennan returned to L.A. Valley College and graduated. In 1972, he graduated from California State University, Los Angeles, just prior to the break up of his 5 year marriage.

From 1973 to 1981, Brennan’s drawing and painting abilities flourished, while he worked flexible hours in the insurance industry as a safety/loss control consultant to make ends meet.

Brennan has worked exclusively as an artist since 1981. His work graces many homes and businesses. Brennan is particularly famous for the gold and silver jewelry and the pins and buttons he designed for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. Several well known eating establishments’ logos are artworks by Brennan including The Great American Food & Beverage Company and Spanky’s Restaurant. From the late 70’s through the late 80’s, Brennan as an actor at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair, Los Angeles County. He loves to collect small pewter figurines of Wizards, Fairies and Dragons.

Brennan’s best friend was Merlin, a Chow-Shepard dog, who showed up at his doorstep and worked his magic on Brennan ever since.